white bucks

August 10, 1957 – Get Your Bucks Ready for Saturday Night

White Bucks Boone

Pat Boone sings the praises of white bucks

On August 10, 1957, teens and twenty-somethings across America got their bucks ready for Saturday night – their white bucks, that is.  A favorite footwear of both guys and gals, white bucks required serious maintenance to keep them looking just right.  Clean-cut singing heart-throb Pat Boone was known for his signature white bucks, often worn with twill slacks, an open-necked shirt, and sleeveless sweater vest.  Guys could vary the “uniform” with a letterman’s sweater or maybe the addition of a narrow tie.  Girls wore white bucks, too, with the ever-popular circle skirts, angora sweaters, and pearls or neck scarves.

How to clean your bucks after a week of wear and tear?  The first step was to remove dry stains with a suede or pencil eraser.  Next, use a sponge or dampened towel to clean the suede uppers.  Grease stains (Hair? Car? Remember Grease: The Musical?) could be removed with sawdust and dry cleaning solvent.  Stubborn stains might finally respond to scrubbing with a white vinegar-sprinkled towel.  The final touch?  Neaten up your bucks with a thorough brushing using a special suede brush.

Now you’re ready to cruise down to the drive-in.  Unless, of course, you’re a different sort of guy (or gal).  Then you’d want to make sure your bucks were as scuffed and dirty as possible.

Image Credits: Pat Boone/CBS News