Mid-Century Modern Typewriters

In the 1950s, appliances and bathroom fixtures were blooming with color. Now-classic cars sported two-tone paint treatments and lots of chrome.

It turns out that utilitarian typewriters were getting a make-over, too. Pink, blue, green, red – even two-tone with chrome! – added a cheery or racy edge to typists’ lives.

What would it be like to turn out a quarterly report, homework, recipe cards, or a letter to grandma with one of these sleek machines?

Royal Typewriter Company

Smith Corona


Underwood Typewriter Company

The lovely Underwood Golden Touch on the right came to my attention through – and in fact this post was inspired by – a vintage advertisement featured on Janet Webb’s Vintage Gaze blog. I recommend her site for mid-century modern mavens.

And – finally – an amazing machine from Halda:

Halda Green

Halda Forest Green

The complete description of this beauty reads, “This lovely, rare typewriter . . . features a vivid forest green body with a crinkle matte finish, with chrome detailing around the middle of the machine. Love the sharp red stripe right in the center of the chrome!”

Image Credit: Underwood Golden Touch: Robert Messenger/ozTypewriter/blogspot
Image Credit: All other images: Etsy