June 27, 1957 – Hurricane Audrey Strikes the Texas-Louisiana Border

Audrey Radar Mosaic

Radar mosaic of Hurricane Audrey, June 27, 1957 at 1:00 PM CST. Eye of the hurricane still intact 60 miles inland, over Beauregard Parish, Louisiana.

On June 27, 1957, Hurricane Audrey made landfall near Bridge City, Texas.  The largest hurricane on record for the month of June, Audrey was a Category 4 storm (later downgraded to Category 3) with peak sustained wind speeds then-measured at 145 mph.  Residents of Texas and Louisiana had very little warning before Audrey took her toll: $147 million in property damage and 416 lives lost.  Audrey’s 8 to 12 foot storm surge was responsible for most of the loss and destruction, spreading as far as 25 miles inland over low-lying southwestern Louisiana.  Massive rainfall and 23 tornadoes followed in the wake of this eighth-deadliest hurricane to hit the United States mainland.  The name Audrey will never be used for a hurricane again.

Image Credit: National Weather Service/NOAA