June 29, 1957 – “Just Married” on the Saturday Evening Post

On June 29, 1957, another heartwarming Norman Rockwell print graced the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.  In “Just Married“, two comfortably-middle-aged hotel maids share knowing smiles over a dustpan-full of confetti and a white satin ribbon with gold lettering.  Their pleasure in this moment to reminisce is obvious.  Less obvious to modern-day wedding-goers may be the reason for the presence of a worn brown shoe in one of the maid’s hands.

The origins of the wedding custom of throwing shoes, or tieing shoes to the back of the newlywed’s car, is shrouded in ancient history.  Shoes and weddings are mentioned together as long ago as in the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible.  The shoe also seems to symbolize dominion, and the transfer of authority for the bride from her father to her new husband.

Mazel tov! Best wishes! On to the honeymoon!

Image Credit: The Saturday Evening Post

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