June 18, 1957 – Los Angeles County’s City of Industry is Incorporated


San Gabriel Valley’s City of Industry

On June 18, 1957, the founding fathers of the City of Industry in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley received ratification of election results creating the municipality.  Residential development was spreading rapidly in the valley, and local citizens, many of them farmers, wanted to reserve space for industrial expansion as well.  Increased jobs and property values motivated the owners of the largely rural five-square-mile strip between two railroad lines to incorporate.  As of 1957, the residents of the area numbered a little over 600 and the land was valued at about 2 million dollars.  Within five years after designating the town 100% zoned for restricted heavy manufacturing, the number of industrial firms quadrupled, the number of jobs almost tripled, the payroll almost tripled, and, through annexations, the city doubled in size.

City of Industry 1957

City of Industry’ original City Hall building from 1957

Currently, the City of Industry (aka Industry) has approximately 440 residents on almost 12 square miles of land zoned 92% Industrial and 8% Commercial.  A portion of Industry is now designated a Foreign Trade Zone, an customs-free area within the United States that provides advantages for businesses with international trade.  According to the its website, the City of Industry “with only 3.1 percent of the total land area in the San Gabriel Valley, is the economic engine of the San Gabriel Valley. . . generating employment for over 67,000 people and total sales of over $31 billion dollars.”

Image Credit: City of Industry website

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