Vintage 1957 – Two Maps of Disney’s Worlds

In 1957, Walt Disney oversaw two kingdoms: Disneyland (the Magic Kingdom), and Walt Disney Productions (the financial kingdom). Two carefully crafted maps provide a bird’s-eye view of these well-planned and thriving enterprises. The Walt Disney Productions plan, particularly, is an instructional document on par with any current infographic, revealing the savvy business acumen of Walt and his partners. The activities of each division of the company strengthened the income of every other division, while receiving benefit to their own bottom line. It deserves close reading, and it’s fun, too! Mickey, Donald and Pluto all play a lively part.

The Magic Kingdom, circa 1957:

Disneyland Map


Walt Disney Productions, circa 1957:

Walt Disney Infographic

One comment

  1. Just a tid-bit of my own- When I lived in Kansa City, Mo. I noticed an old building being held up by wood constructed braces. As I wondered out loud to the pal I was walking with down 31st. Street- He commented that the building was once a ‘room & boarding’ house. One of those rooms was rented by Walt Disney himself when he was down on his luck. While staying there, he befriended a mouse in his room and called it “Mickey”…that is where Mickey Mouse was born. And now you know that part of the story. The other part was that the City Historical Society was aware of this fact and the building nearly came down because it was “an eye sore”. This fact came out, but the money to preserve the building was not there until the last minute- thus the braces to keep it from collapsing.
    I should have taken Paul Harvey’s job when he passed…..Heh?

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